Centralia Church Of The Nazarene Women's Retreat 2/25-27

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Last summer, our band was asked to come lead worship and share in concert our heart for hurting people. The following week, I was contacted to come and speak for their 2011 Women's Retreat.  What an amazing group of women!  I taught on leaving a legacy...these women really engaged in the material and especially with each other.  Thanks to so many for helping with all the details!  Karen, Diane, Rina and others.  May you see His blessings as you have reached out to one another..


MIssion ConneXion International Worship Team

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From Native America, Egypt, Japan, India, Hungary and the U.S., we humbly entered into worship and experienced a taste of the Nations...I also had an opportunity to teach a couple workshops on the Unique Call Of The Artist and Music in Missions.  Its a huge blessing to watch light bulbs go on when people connect their passion, calling and art together...


RiverCity Music Festival 1/ 7-9

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RiverCity Music Festival was a blast this year!  Amazing talent from local and afar and a great opportunity to have fun, jam and meet people.  We also had the honor of showcasing in the OBA Suite (Oregon Bluegrass Association).  Overall, an awesome time!


Sold Out Crowd At Magenta Theater

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This year we had two wonderful Christmas concerts in Vancouver.  One on Officer's Row and one at the Magenta Theater.  It was so great to see so many of our friends come out and enjoy a collection of new and traditional classics!
Keep an eye out for us at Magenta Theater again!

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