Old Liberty Theater Concert 4/16

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Saturday night was a BLAST!  We did a 2 hour concert with intermission at one of the most lovely venues in Southwest Washington!  We played a mixture of covers and originals and plenty of instrumentals.  It just felt really great to bring a taste of everything we do to the table.  We got great reviews, so that was an added pleasure! 

Don and Erleen Griswold, you run a great venue and Darrell, thanks so much for your incredible giftedness at the sound board!  We look forward to doing this again soon!


California Tour 4/1-10

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Bethany, my daughter, and I took Spring Break and headed south with all my gear in the car (sound system, keyboard, luggage : D ) for 4 dates in Southern California.  Music filled up the weekends and college tours filled up the weekdays!  

A HUGE thank you to Holland and Roxie Davis for having me at Worship Life, 4/3; to Rob and Laurie Yackley for hosting us down in San Diego; Michael, Tricia and Colleen Patino for taking us in up in Fullerton, to Winston and Daurcie Miller for hosting an over the top House Concert on 4/9 and all the people that came!  And for our old and new friends at EVFree Fullerton, for stepping off the fast train and joining me on 4/10 for a morning of reflective worship, rest and stillness in prayer and song.  All of you did such an awesome job of welcoming me and making us feel at home.

HIGHLIGHT of the trip?  There were MANY!  But probably the most significant moment for me was to take Bethany with me to an Addiction recovery home in San Diego.  For her to sit on the floor with the addicts and see for her first time the kind of concerts I / we do in shelters and prisons...(she is too young to come with us into any of the prisons) 10-12 women prayed to receive Christ that night and Bethany and I had a great opportunity to reflect and process the evening and just be grateful.  Thank you for praying for these women and all those who are touched by our music and stories...


Maple Lane JV 3/12

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Saturday night we performed probably our last concert at Maple Lane.  God has been at work in this facility and it's sad to be saying goodbye with it's upcoming closure in June...By His grace, 12 young men prayed to receive Christ.  Pray for these youth 15-21 who will be headed home or moved to other locations.


Centralia Church Of The Nazarene Women's Retreat 2/25-27

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Last summer, our band was asked to come lead worship and share in concert our heart for hurting people. The following week, I was contacted to come and speak for their 2011 Women's Retreat.  What an amazing group of women!  I taught on leaving a legacy...these women really engaged in the material and especially with each other.  Thanks to so many for helping with all the details!  Karen, Diane, Rina and others.  May you see His blessings as you have reached out to one another..

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